dAh seLeSai. .

hAi. meh nk cta meh. ha alhamdulillah.! knduqi aqu ary ni brjlan lncar wlawp0n agk kelamkab0t sket. tpi keadaan dpt  dkawal. thanks sgat kat ibu bub byak sgat wat kja ae ni. with0ut my father. abah xda ary ni. bub ad hal yg xdpt dielakkan lha.

nyh keadaan umah aqu time  xda 0qang g. 

nyh antara 0wg plig awai mai. 

nyh msa lpas 0wg bca d0a. amai g tpi yg nyh ja smpat.

nyh kwn2 aqu. my gak. thanks bub my.

nyh pic aq ngan my c0usin. snap last minit. bub uwh xwpa nk okeyh.

penud gn biena xmy un. xpa its 0wkey. di0rang ada hal lain. aqu pham.

tpi yg m0st imp0rtant thanks m0m! i <3 s0 much.

When you feel you’re alone in a crowd, when you think no one can understand you, when you think your love is rejected by others, and when you hate your life just close your eyes and think about her who loves you truly, cares for you in your loneliness, dies when you cry, she is no one else but your MOM…

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